In 2003 I went on disability from my regular job as Account Manager for one of Canada's largest banks .Sitting at home day after day I got into buying jewellery and gradually making it from scratch .I love semi-precious gemstones from visiting a small store on Vancouver Island .I moved from Saskatchewan to BC last October and since then have made hundreds of bracelets and earring and pendants to take to a Flea Market near here .But that didn't work out (yet ) so in order to make room for more items I have decided to open my online store .I have a great many different stones :Agate ,Amethyst ,Alexandrite ,Amazonite ,Aquamarine ,Beryl ,Carnelian ,
Charoite ,Coral ,Crystal Quartz ,Garnet ,Goldstone ,Emerald ,Jade ,Jasper ,Morganite
Mother of Pearl ,Pearl ,Obsidian ,Opal ,Peridot ,Rhodonite ,Rhodochrosite ,Rose Quartz , Ruby, Sapphire ,Sodalite ,Tiger Eye ,Topaz ,Tourmaline ,Turquoise ,Unakite .I want to make things that are attractive ,comfortable and more importantly affordable so everyone can have a symbol of their birth .I also make items for little girls which I will be displaying when I can .I am currently doing all of the work myself so it is a slow process but I hope to get at least one sample of each stone displayed .I do not make more than one of the same style because every person is unique so I try to change the length or the Crystals and metal beads each time .To keep the cost down I buy Silver Plated and Gold Plated items .And I think I have a bit of OCD because if you look at the bracelet pictures carefully you will see there is a center stone and each side is the same .Sometimes it will be a gemstone and sometimes a Swarovski Crystal .And for each bracelet there is a pair of earrings meant to go with that particular bracelet .Just look at the item number and find the same number in the other category and you have a set .And hopefully in the Agate Pendants you will find a beautiful bead that will go with it .I am old fashioned and still believe that things should match .I will try to show some previews of things to come to give you an idea what to expect .Or I will do a custom made if I have the items you want . It may take me awhile to get all of the things listed because there are just so many and I am doing everything myself ! And I will do my best to get your orders out as quickly as possible ,but just in case I do not want to disappoint so I am saying 3-5 business days . So Please be patient ......and stay tuned .